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Being unaware that ones fashion sense is out of style. A harsh word for someone who is retroblivious is a retro retard.
"That dude is still wearing Levi jeans? I guess he's retroblivious.
by AbnormalBoy April 17, 2004
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A word or phrase with two interpretations, one of which is ribald.
Dr. Evil: By "Caliber", I mean both the size of their gun barrels and the high quality of their character...it's a homonym.

Number Two: No, Dr. Evil. It's called a "double entendre".


(Number Two falls into a firy pit)

Number Two: AAAHHHHHH!!!
by AbnormalBoy April 20, 2005
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Programming language developed by Microsoft whose syntax is very similar to C++, is completely object-oriented and allows fast development.

Contrary to what many believe, C# is NOT proprietary...Java is actually proprietary. However, because Microsoft still dominates its direction, it may be considered to be "semi-de facto" proprietary at this stage.

C# traded off some runtime speed for safety and quick development. More optimized compilers in the near future may reduce this speed disadvantage while retaining the advantages.

Holistically, C# is perhaps the best programming language in existence.
Our group is now using C# in our projects. We can now get things done in half the time.
by AbnormalBoy July 05, 2005
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Person who obliviously wears out-of-style clothes.
"Look at Sam with that Abercrombie shirt. Doesn't he know Abercrombie went out of style in, like, 2009? What a retro retard!"
by AbnormalBoy April 15, 2004
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A "family" with Dual Income & No Kids or a member of such a "family".

Dinks would rather spend their money on luxury cars and vacations than on child expenses.
Dink Member: Awwwwww your kid soooo cute!

Actual Parent: If you pay her tuition you can hold her, otherwise fuck off you dink!
by AbnormalBoy May 24, 2004
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Woman your husband/boyfriend dates after seven years of being together.

See seven year itch.
"I just happened to be downtown for lunch when I saw my husband with that seven-year bitch."
by AbnormalBoy September 15, 2004
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