9 definitions by 24 karat savage

this dude is a business legend he owns a diner and a megacorporation he even managed to crush Mario and Luigi in the waiter by smg4
yo gaben is so beast
by 24 karat savage May 7, 2019
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a contraction for the words student dying
I just realized that never is a contraction of not ever

blushing is a contraction of blood rushing

and studying is a contraction of a student dying
by 24 karat savage May 9, 2019
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a place where definitions have to include something gross or sexual or just plain immature. it is also the site you are reading this definition on.
me: imma gonna search up some definitions on urban dictionary
Me: *searches up Animal planet*
definition: a show that is required for the art of Moosterbation
Me:*searches up moosterbation*
definition: masturbating while watching Animal planet
my face: ;-;
by 24 karat savage May 13, 2019
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a guy who will like you if your ass is giant
girl 1:ooh I think that moto-moto likes you
girl 2:i knew my ass was getting too big
by 24 karat savage July 30, 2019
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ze garment which covers ze bosom
girl: ya like my zebra?
guy: hell yea boi
by 24 karat savage March 20, 2019
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you could say its like fortnite but it has 5 differences
1. building is not a mechanic in this game which means that the island isn't messed up in the first 5 seconds
2. you can chat with the enemy which is pretty useful for pubg tournaments
3.its much more realistic both graphically and behaviourally meaning you are jumping out of a plane not a flying bus
4. there arent any of those crappy defaults which rage every time you kill them
5 there is more than one island
fortnite noob: ugh why u kill me im reporting u
fortnite player: thats it im playing pubg

noob: oh dat game that game shit
by 24 karat savage March 27, 2019
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a man who shoots people for no reason at all bare chested
oh crap that childish gambino is shooting everybody again!
by 24 karat savage January 29, 2019
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