A person that's literally the king/queen of inferiority that they make themselves feel better by acting morally over the top that they expect everyone to be like them and anyone that dares to differ will be canceled
My puritan friends act like they better than everyone but when they walked downstairs, they saw that me, my friend, and the dog were in fancy clothes, they freaked the fuck out and had a temper tantrum.
by demekin March 17, 2020
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A an old fashioned, homeschooling mother who thinks that girls should suffer during warm weather because shorts and tank tops will turn them into strippers destined for hell.
*girl walks into room wearing a weather-appropriate but not revealing tank top and jeans*

Puritan mother: Oh my goodness! Put some clothes on before you end up spending the rest of your life in a brothel!

Girl: But look at Zack! He's shirtless and his jeans are so low we can practically see all of his boxers! Why is that ok??

Puritan mother: Because I'm a sexist bitch.
by thatsjustterrible May 8, 2011
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Someone who wants to basically make life as boring as possible
Mr. Cox is so puritan he made the band instafail due to lack of coolness.
by WaCkEdOuTDj October 29, 2008
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A person who loves Jesus and would never do drugs, have sex, or wear inappropriate clothing. They also go to church all the time and try to be the best they can be.
Jasmia: Hey Lexi you're such a good innocent Puritan! Keep staying above the influence a doing your homework!

Lexi: Thank you Jasmia. Praise Jesus!
by TARZAAAAN November 11, 2012
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Usually Western, less often Europian activist, who tries to westernise Asian art on Twitter and other platforms, to be acceptable.
Man, I've drown a picture of anime girl with big chest, and some puritan changed her breast size
by ILook4LegalLoli April 13, 2021
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Someone who gets offended by a sexy female character
That stupid ass male feminist is such a puritan, getting offended by that waifu
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A person who lives in the woods in Lansing, Illinois. They are typically seen going to GFS.
Me: There are no more puritans.
Her: No, there are still puritans. I see them going to GFS.
by bailette August 18, 2012
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