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Dictona Dimploa. Urban? Suburban! Hotel? Trivago!

This is random, idc if this is not in the urban dictionary.
Urban Dictona, is a shorter term for, Urban Dictionary. CANADA!
Urban Dictona, is the shorter term for, Urban Dictionary
by 1 Cool Guy March 4, 2019
A sexual therapist.

they help you talk about sex and dirty jokes.
May help lose virginity.
Will give advice on best positions!
Girl 1: I went to the local herapist and he was an animal! I gotta go again!
Girl 2: OMG I was thinking of going there!
Girl 1: I've been naughty!
by 1 Cool Guy January 27, 2020
The Delivery Dump truck, is a truck that delivers your garbage to your house or somewhere else.

An example would be, a Donald Trump Poster or wall paper. Maybe you can find something good when they deliver stuff to you!
Marie: Harold, The Delivery Dump Truck Is coming!
Harold: Alright! More posters to burn for fun!
Marie: Don't burn any Shrek Movies!
by 1 Cool Guy March 4, 2019
B) is like a smiley face but with sunglasses. Pretty awesome if you ask me! I don't use it often, but you might!
Guy Texting: Yo, Donald Trump Died!
Other Guy Texting: AWESOME B)
by 1 Cool Guy March 3, 2019
a salad made with potatoes. PRETTY TASTY!

Potatoes with a salad, who woulda thought of that??
Guy 1: Hey man i made potato salad!
Guy 2: SICK BRO!
by 1 Cool Guy February 27, 2020
Ura, is the Norse god for, Memes. Meme Novas are cool! Kirby super star. Hooray for Ura!

Ura, is the norse god for memes. Remember that children.
Ura: Thor is ugly as heck.
Thor: aww :(
Ura: Watch some ugly memes to make you feel worst ok.
by 1 Cool Guy March 4, 2019