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during sexual intercourse, a female human who makes high pitched "squeals," moans, or screams
dude 1: i fucked this girl last night
dude 2: oh, yeah?!
dude 1: speaking of "oh yeah" she was such a loud squealer.
by alightshadeofbrown May 27, 2009
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one who squeals, one who disrupts/disturbs other people's lives,one who spends time simultaneously making people hate them.
by ... February 22, 2003
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A fan of the NFL Pittsburgh Squealer franchise. Worships cheap-shot artists like Hines Ward and roid freaks like James Harrison. Eats kishka and drinks slivovitz regularly.
The squealer waved his little yellow rag and yelled unrecognizable words.
by Antistooler December 12, 2008
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A man who uses women to fight for him and or a man who starts a fight then hides behind a woman. A man not worthy of respect.
''You're such a squealer, stop getting your girlfriend to fight your fights'' OR ''Stop hiding behind your wife's petticoats and fight your own fights''
by Mungonorthampton August 10, 2009
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A person who tells or calls the law (police) a lot
A snitch
Guy 1: I'm gonna squeal on ur ass if you don't get out of my house

Guy 2: Fuck u squealer
by Ghetto Literature November 03, 2015
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You will come across at least one of these people in your lifetime...squealer. There are two types of squealers that mean separate things. The social squealer is someone is asked to keep a secret, will instantly betray you. The other type of squealers are people you will date. They are the type of people to scream at anything, like even a cartoon has the potential to scare them.
Example: 1. Social squealer: "Hey Stephanie, just wanted to ask you if you can keep the thing about me and Travis on the low?". "Yeah, yeah your secret is safe with me." The next day the entire school knows because Stephanie is a social squealer, Poor girl.

Example: 2. Squealer boyfriend/girlfriend/friend: "AHHHHHHHH!" "Lizzie, calm down, it's just a water bottle."
"But Steven, the water moved!"
by Majorfool679 May 07, 2017
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