She’s one of the funniest people you will ever meet and is the most fun to hang out with. She can be stubborn but only because she cares with a mix of humor. She is very beautiful from all aspects and has no reason to doubt herself so don’t let her. She also has the best personality and has specific interests.
Person 1:”Have you seen Arabella today”
Person 2:”No but i bet she looks beautiful as ever”
Person 3:”I just love talking to her she’s so fun
by BeepBeepIMASheep🐑 February 16, 2019
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A curious girl, her lips are like the galaxy's edge. When she needs some shelter, she takes a dip in my daydreams.
Arabella's got a pair of interstellar gator skin boots.
by FookingShalalala October 29, 2013
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Arabellas are beautiful great anf beyond amazing. If you find an arabella in your life, you are blessed. They usually tend to love music and have so m ay talents it is hard to name. Attention to all guys, of you ever have an opportunity to communicate with an Arabella, take the chance wisely because if you mistreat her in any way possible such as ignoring her texts or taking her for granted, bad things will happen to you considering you don’t know what you just lost. Also, Arabella’s have the bestest of friends that will come and be by their side any time. One more thing, Arabellas tend to be obsessed with a band called arctic monkeys especially Alex turner.
Did you see Arabella yesterday?? Her performance was totally amazinggg
by Dobbey September 1, 2018
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Funniest person ever.
Everybody knows her.
She's talented at everything she does.
Person 1: OMG that's Arabella!
Person 2: She's my bestie!
Person 1: Jealous!!!!

#talented #awesome #popular #wish,I,was,her
by blonde chick 101 March 8, 2017
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Meaning Beautiful Alter. Also a name for someone especially beautiful. Great friend, smart, and knows how to be mean to people who deserve it. Often best friends with someone named Sophia.
Maaan, Arabella and Sophia were DISSING Miley Cyrus yesterday at the party!
by Sochicachica August 12, 2009
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The Latin name Arabella means beautiful altar. She was be beatiful and graceful. All the boys in the world will want her. She is smart and you rarely see her frown.
that girls an arabella!!!
by them. October 3, 2010
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An adorable girl that loves the arts, especially theatre and drawing.she is innocent and you’d be an idiot to do ANYTHING mean to her, she’d most likely die on the inside, she needs friends to protect her. Also, my name is Arabella so I know! I am bold, but not confrontational, confronting people makes me really scared, I love to draw. If you ignore or do a mean thing to an Arabella, she will be heartbroken, and you will have lost a very good friend.
OMG! Did he just say that to Arabella!
Let’s beat him up!!!
by ArabellaHufflepuff December 18, 2019
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