12 definitions by élan

"I was getting on jump at that party last night"
by élan September 20, 2003
Selfless male. Sounds like an oxymoron, but no, it's Dahmon. One of the smartest people I know, most caring, most thoughtful. Words can't express the genius of Dahmon. Willing to do anything for anyone in need. Doesn't break laws, but doesn't pass judgement on those that do. Helps you when you want help, lets you figure it out on your own when you don't want help. A big influence in alot of peoples' lives.
"Dahmon helped me study for a big test... I aced it!" ;)
by élan February 7, 2004
"Damn that chick was a cock nazi, she aint even want none from me"
by élan September 20, 2003
Hot UK rapper that came out with the smash hit "In Da Pub". Kicked 50 Cent's ass.
Did you get 50 Pence's new cd yet? It's supposed to be off the hook!
by élan July 29, 2003
"What up 'sota?" ("What up Minnesota?")
by élan September 20, 2003