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"REAL MEN are conservative."

"The environment? The environment is for fuckin' pussies."

"It outrages me when the Left gets outraged. Bunch of nutcases!"

"The Russia investigation is a witch hunt! Also, Hillary Clinton practices black magic and her father is bin Laden!"

"Putin is an American hero!"

"The government did 9/11, not the global terrorist organisation that hates the America and the West and claimed responsibility, and continued to carry out attacks all over the world until the rise of its successor Islamic State which continues to try to attack the West."

"The Earth is flat because aliens and NASA and the US education system failed me."

"I don't have any real ideological stance, I just agree with anything Trump says because I don't actually have any morals."

"I hate Jews but I hate Muslims even more so I won't say anything about how the US helps Israel. That being said I will happily drive over holocaust tombstones with my pickup truck given the opportunity."

"I'd rather have my deep-seated atavistic fears and urges govern who I elect than rational thought because intelligence is for libtard cucks."

"Anything other than conventional masculinity sends me into an existential crisis."

"Molesting kids is fine. Just don't use a private email server. Or be a Democrat."

"I TOTALLY respect Martin Luther King for all that he did."

"Obama eats children alive!"

"How dare you call Hitler a Nazi!"
"The Right has lost all credibility."
by áutechre September 25, 2018

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When a society forgets the lessons from the past and becomes increasingly erratic, confused, and sometimes, aggressive and violent.

Example: Now.
"America is experiencing societal dementia."
by áutechre June 20, 2018

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A band that is simultaneously over- and underrated. While their albums since 2011 have been mediocre and sold way too much, their early material (1998-2008) is unfairly hated upon, bringing us some brilliant, melodic and heartfelt alt-rock. Though some of this work is overrated (namely "Fix You"), it is just jam-packed with incredible songs. Below are a list of some underrated gems.

"Sparks", "High Speed" and just about anything that isn't "Yellow" from Parachutes (2000).
"Politik" and "Amsterdam" from A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002).
"X&Y" and "Twisted Logic" from X & Y (2005).
"Cemeteries of London," "Lovers in Japan" and "Violet Hill" from Viva la Vida (2008) - their best album.
"Another's Arms" from Ghost Stories (2014).
"For You," "Crests of Waves", "One I Love," "Life in Technicolor ii," "All Your Friends" and "All I Can Think About is You" from their EPs
"Coldplay is on a slow downhill slide."
by áutechre June 20, 2018

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Something we all need a serious break from.
"Isn't it ironic that the internet - that thing that contains almost all human knowledge - is somehow making us dumber?"
by áutechre December 05, 2017

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The reduction in the meaningfulness and relevance of individual controversies as they are swallowed in a sea of other concurrent controversies and outrage. Comparable to economic inflation.

A symptom of the Internet age and the neverending cycle of overreaction, bitterness and hostility. It is not necessarily entirely a reflection of the proliferation of controversy over minor events, given that the news is also filled with many shocking events of great magnitude. The fact that it is easy to forget what mind-numbingly stupid thing Donald Trump said two weeks ago is also a symptom of outrage inflation.
We'll all soon forget that time Trump nearly declared war by mistake thanks to outrage inflation and the 24-hour news cycle.
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by áutechre November 08, 2017

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A forum where disenchanted, mostly mentally ill teens are inducted into a wildly un-idealistic, nihilistic and misanthropic form of the hard Right, which mainly exists to sow discord.

The main unifying feature of its users seems to be a hatred and intolerance of the Left, rather than any meaningful or constructive ideology, meaning that therefore adherents must simply disagree with the Left and not much more (beside generally behave abhorrently).

We can thank the site for such wonderful terms as "normies" and "cucks," which serve to unhelpfully label progressives, and for normalising the ultra-Right.
"Welcome to 4chan, the cancer of the internet."
by áutechre September 25, 2018

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A word we’ve somehow allowed to become an acceptable synonym for “woman”/“girl.” Also spelled “ho.”

Also, a prostitute or promiscuous woman.
“Yo, check out those hoes over there.”
by áutechre August 07, 2018

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