The bestest car cult of frame bangin slammed cars out reppin the OOL name. And a family of supporters, however you want to think about it. Other than that you support us we support you, so as for that just try to stay unique and be a good person!
That dude was out of luck when his spaghetti fell out his pocket
"That's the 3rd oil pan Robert's broken this month."
"Yeah bro he's OOL"
"Robert wont come to the ASM show in Jersey"
"Yeah bro looks like your OOL 😎 "
by AwesomeOctapi January 20, 2022
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She was OOL last night in the club. She made out with 5 people.
by Joeingram1 July 21, 2018
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The word ool originates from Australia (AKA the land of the flying cars). Its meaning is similar to awesome or spiffy, but is 100% better. Saying someone or something is ool is the greatest compliment ever.
You are the oolest!

Wow that flying car is so ool!
by Imoen January 21, 2007
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Short for oodles of laughter. The strongest form of laughter (stronger than BOL and LOL combined). Similar to ROFLMAOPMP
Pete: I saw goatse last night with my girlfriend, we both enjoyed it immensely!
Neils: OOL
by neilsonz January 12, 2009
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Pool without the "P" aka "Pee". In other words, a pool without any warm spots that are yellow.
"This is my ool. Isn't it nice?"
"You mean this is a pool, right?"
"If you make it a Pool, I will have you eat your face."
by Nyssa W. September 24, 2006
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When you find something really funny via internet, you use this word to hint at the other person that it was so funny, he/she could not type properly.
Ool, that's sooo funny!
by Elizabetty777 January 9, 2016
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(verb) Orgasm Out Loud, extreme enjoyment over an instant message conversation. Could be used in Instant messaging or as a sound for utter enjoyment like a moan
Woman: i love fat hairy men
Men: ool, i think i wet myself

"ool, you look so dashing in those leather cowboy boots" the woman said.
by Manchesteruntd579 September 16, 2008
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