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means 'Crafty Pocket Wank'
when a dodgy looking man is in a teenage girls trampolining lesson with his hands in his pockets.... CPW
'hey look at that guy with his hands in his pockets...'
by =virus.exe= November 15, 2004
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Crustacean Penis Wart, a penis wart contracted with having sexual interactions with a crustacean 🦞
Michael: yo I had sex with a crab last night
Ben: did you check for C.P.W.???
Michael: what’s that??????
Ben: Crustacean Penis Warts
by Michealisagaynigga May 21, 2019
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cpw is just a big fat troll. he hates evryone and he lets them know. cpw will make you cry and he'l feel good about it.
don't ever try to make fun of him cause he'l bring you down like the twin towers.
:''Why is she eating her own shit and screaming, WHY! WHY!''

:''She thought she was smart and made a remark about CPW''
by funnyfatguy October 23, 2011
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Conservative Prayer Warrior. A conservative christian who believes that USA is a christian nation, there are only 2 genders, gender roles are true, blah blah blah. They usually are white cishet males who live in texas. They are the rightist counterpart of SJWs.
Carter: Tyler is a complete cpw.
by Undying curse 2377 May 08, 2018
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