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for true description
see cocky
that guy is so amarnadha!
by :) April 25, 2005

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Commonly used to describe situations which work out in a successful way.
"don't worry, it's all kushti"
by :) November 22, 2004

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In one word: Amazing.
"Hi, I'm Tim Kasher. I'm amazing. Love me."
by :) January 19, 2005

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only the hottest sorority on the UA campus.
Man those AEPhi girls are hot shit.
by :) October 18, 2004

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a combanation of chhh and yaaa,meaning you are defenetly going to do something
Billy: are you going the concert?
Jimmy: CHAA!!
by :) April 16, 2003

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Star Wars trash can droid. Notorius for partying hard.
Look, a Gonk. It sure looks dapper, as it parties so hardy.
by :) October 12, 2004

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Peripheral Component Interconnect Slot.
An expansion slot on many motherborads used for inserting various cards to
upgrade your hardware and/or support for features not inluded on the mobo itself.
PCI Sound Card - Adds the capability of producing audio with a computer :).
PCI Graphics Card - If you still use these types of cards your games probably look as crusty as the pcb of your graphics card.
PCI USB/FireWire Card - Adds the ability to use USB and FireWire capable devices if your mobo didn't already support it.
by :) February 05, 2005

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