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An awesome stuntman on HOT99.5's Mark and Kris in the morning. He has smoked cicadas, waxed his legs, stapled his butt-cheeks together, and so much more...
Teapot Tim rox my sox!
by :) May 18, 2004

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crazy for.

crazy, trippin', wack, off the hook, k fizzle, off the heezy, tyte, bitchin'
Andrea Chen is banoodles for Linkin Park.
The girls went banoodles after they heard the hott guy in their math class had dropped out.
by :) January 12, 2004

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An idiot and troll of the Quake3World.com/Raw-One.com forums.

Usually found not far behind his interbuddy Genxgenius, and often found posting pictures of some whore called Sheila.
That Testoclesius is such an annoying nerd!
by :) November 22, 2004

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yall just haters
FINCH is so coooool. Cookler than YO MOMA
by :) November 19, 2003

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Acronym for intellectual whore.
A man who knows or is seen with several women is either a pimp, gay, or an IW.
by :) February 12, 2005

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The coolest roomies in the world!
Chremmi looks super awesome today! =p
by :) January 24, 2005

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A bear (incredibly sexy guy) and his cookie, who despite everything the world throws at them, will love each other forever.
That hot guy and his girl must be a beakie! :)
by :) January 23, 2005

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