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The significant other of Erik. Has red hair and enjoys watching hentai with his/her mother
<mum> dinner termos hun!
<termos> :fapfapfap:
<mum> :asa:
by :) April 26, 2004

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The act of sticking pixie stix up little boys booties in hopes to intensify the sugary sugar flavour from within the stix.
Dude, I got high off of MegaZeroXing my little brother yesterday.
by :) March 25, 2003

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The COOLEST girl ever, If you are a guy then you should deffinantly try to talk to this girl cause she so rox0rz. Debbie is the sexiest person alive and we all could only hope to be as awesome
Debbie is sekzi-rific
by :) April 06, 2005

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A fucking faggot. One who thinks everything he has is better than another's, even if it's not. Egotistical, holier-than-thou, annoying son of a bitch..
Duamil is fucking gay
by :) September 27, 2004

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The Dr. Phil. Always about social ramifications and technical prowess.
What.. im trying to enjoy my fucking beer fool.. stop trying to eDfGr33n.
by :) January 19, 2004

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One who fucks the shit out of ones sister. Sister usually red in the bush and hair. Usually associated with a luv cuz.
Luv cuz fucked the shit out of trisha in her vagina and it was really tristeful.
by :) July 30, 2003

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1. A slavish pit of hell in which all who succumb are doomed to stay there until they are either dead or let go due to suspicion of breaking labor laws
1. Bomgaars is an example of all that is evil and wrong with this world.
by :) April 24, 2005

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