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something to say while putting your hand in someone's face.
Oh man, you.
by :) September 04, 2003

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1) N. A fictional size of wang.
Heather saw Chad's Ginormous Cock.
by :) January 29, 2003

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Andrew J.; Andy Pandy; Bigbird also known as penis
Minipepe is a level 19 in rumble pit.
by :) February 07, 2005

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A name simply combining "sheep" and "Sephiroth", can be interpreted as "one that follows Sephiroth".
"Some fgt ass-rammer flamed Sheepiroth, and now hes going to pay dearly."
by :) April 02, 2003

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a very sweet fob who skimps on vuzu
dude, i wish i was a misbu!
by :) January 25, 2004

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A word used to describe the most wonderful sister anyone could ever have. She has class, finesse and is a bright, shining light for all. She's loving, intelligent and constantly cheerful. Such a perfect sister!
"Man I wish I had a Dilanjeli for a sister!"
by :) November 27, 2004

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A saying usually only said when somebody insults someone else, and wants to make up for it.
"You have such a huge ass...oh, but you know I love ya!"
by :) May 22, 2004

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