German word meaning Fox. It is pronounced Fox in the U.S. by people with the last name. It is pronounced Fucks by telemarketers, nurses, bankers, enemies, bill collectors, and other morons. It is also incorrectly enunciated Fuches, Fooch, Futch, Futches, Fooks, Fa-yooks, and so forth.
Answering Machine: Thank you for calling the Mr. Fuchs (pronounced Fox) residence. Please leave your message along with your telephone number after the beep.

Bill Collector: There is an important telephone call for Mr. Fucks. Please call me at 1-800-EAT-SHIT to discuss this important business matter. This is not a solicitation, and it is very important that you call me between the hours of 8 to 5, Monday thru Friday.

Mr. Fuchs: If you call me and pronounce my last name wrong one more time, you and your bank can go fuck yourself back to Bangalore where you belong. It is pronounced FOX!
by Mr. Vos February 27, 2007
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a dog.
not the cute puppy meaning but in the mean and bitchy way.
The origins of this expresion is in Polania, but it received its meaning just a few years ago in the medeteranian.
Don't be fuchs, give me your notes.
yeh, i know, i'm being a fuchs right now.
by :) March 18, 2005
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Fuche is a mix of "fucking douche"
Oh my gawd, Bob is such a fuche!
by qwertyyy82938 August 2, 2009
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The iPhones alternative to fuck. The device pussies out and converts fuck to fuch, as the raw power of said word is able to fry its hardware.
"i give up, i cant study for that test anymore"

"no dude, you cant let the system fuch you. you have to fuch the system!"
by Smackhappy May 31, 2009
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To test, tutor, or work for "the Fuchs" in any capacity.
"I did a lot of Fuching this week, I could use a day off."

"How's Fuching going?"

"Are you planning on Fuching next year?"
by Trip Fontaine May 14, 2010
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No one really knows.
I Fuch you. I hate fuch. you look so fuch today.
by Charlenexx February 9, 2008
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