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the greatest person of all world, zoe. she deserves the world and more, shes the kindest person ever and everyone loves her
by bribri April 26, 2022
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a mental illness causing people to hold their peena on tiktok and talk in an unironic southern accent
heterosexual means straight
brianna: "guys, i just got diagnosed for heteroitis.."
her friends: "omg hope u get better bestie! quarantine..stay homo✊"
by bribri June 1, 2022
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when someone makes the other person scared to say no, or threatens them into saying yes.
reach out for help: rainn.org/resources

informational websites about coerced consent

examples of coerced consent which is rape:
"yo if u dont do this then im finna kill myself bro"
"fine, i guess u just dont love me"
"if u say no im gonna get my gang on u"
"if u dont i wont pay for ur mommas treatment"
examples of real consent:
person a:"yo do u wanna do this? if not thats fine!"
person b:"yeah of course!"
person a:"aii, sounds good!"
UGLY BITCH: "yeah i asked her 100 times and told her i was gonna kill her if she didnt fw me, i raw dogged her bro frfr"
AMAZING PERSON: "yo bro thats sexual coercion, go die in a hole you stanky trashy rapist ass hoe."
by bribri May 26, 2022
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abbreviation for i fucking hate myself, what the fuck is wrong with me; I'm such a failure.
alex: ifhmswtfiwwmisaf

alexs friend: yo u good bro?
by bribri May 12, 2022
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it a bay area word for was up wit it
ah wat it do wit it man
by bribri June 7, 2005
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