Ya aii?
Do you understand what I say, aii?
by Bahamut January 21, 2005
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Homo-boy slang for yes/ok/indeed.
Made popular by ali-g
"This shit is wack eh?"
by kasha November 27, 2004
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aiy is who you call a person who eats, sleeps and always watches Netflix way too much.
that girl is an aiy .
by dankkkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy April 10, 2020
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Its the same as okay
Ey we makin this after school, aii?
No u shit.
by yaboistup June 24, 2018
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Used to mean you were joking with someone or to mean a mess up.
you slice a golf shot.
"I aiy?ed that one up"
by Charlie December 23, 2003
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Hey, check it out(while pointing), thats funny, I understand that joke!
teacher: where is John?
John: aiy!

Friend: Do you think she's hot?
You: Aiy!
by horsepower December 19, 2005
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A statement used to express agreement or an understanding.
Person 1: Hey man do you think Kian's mom is fit?
Person 2: Aii Bo.
by awwwwww man June 7, 2013
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