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I'm going out on a limb here people, but bear with me...
Reverse racism, in actuality, shouldn't even be a term... It's described as the act of racism against a majority (typically used in context of whites). But...isn't that just plain old regular racism? Last time I checked, Caucasian WAS a race. And I'm willing to bet that any other majority suffering from "reverse racism" is a race too. So why isn't it just racism? Why give it a fancy new term? If you wanted to take the literal definition, reverse racism would actually be the opposite: supporting a race as equal to another. Just a thought.
Reverse racism- The act of being racist. In reverse.
by Atticus April 23, 2005
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It will read this way:

Reverse Racism

1) The act of displaying racist styled behaviors against the majority group, the group commonly known for its historical systematic racism (e.g. blacks flipping the script on whites in America), but doing so in the name of righting the wrongs of racism. Affirmative action is not a form of reverse racism unless stronger majority candidates were passed for weaker minority candidates BECAUSE of skin color. It is a systematic decision. That is reverse racism.

2) Preferential treatment for or giving unwarranted benefit of the doubt to a minority group or person because of illogical reasons stemming from past systematic racism (misplaced fear, white-guilt, trying too hard to appear non-racist, etc).

3) Giving preference to one person over another simply because of their being a part of a minority race which has been under-privileged in the past.
-Imagine a white kid and black kid getting in a fight in school. Now let's say the black kid started it. The principle will not punish the white kid BECAUSE he didn't start it but might commit reverse racism by subsequently not punishing the black kid as he should (because he started it) BECAUSE he doesn't want the headache or possible backlash of suspending a black child.
-"There is a right and wrong way to battle racism, and reverse racism is the unreasonable and unethical way."
by aarontenor July 16, 2016
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Technically, there is no such thing; for, you see, racism is prejudice toward ANY race, including a dominant one.
With that out of the way...

"Reverse-racism" is a term for racism directed toward the majority or dominant "race" in a society; usually, it is an accidental byproduct of an attempt to protect an oppressed minority from racism.
Reverse racism is a classic example of hypocrisy. When a black-skinned person screams "Black Power!", he/she is standing up for his rights. When a white-skinned person yells "White Power!", he/she is a racist...
by oppressed majority July 05, 2006
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More often than not, reverse racism is in the form of giving special benefits or opportunities to people who belong to a group which has been under privaleged in the past. In effect, you are essentially committing a racist act by giving preference to one person over another because of their race, religion, or ethnicity, rather than their personal merit, skills, or knowledge.
"That black kid started a fight with that white kid but we're only going to suspend the white kid because we don't want to be racist against black people." - Liberal Principal (or Conservative Principal scared of a lawsuit)

"Wait, isn't that reverse racism?" - White kid

"Shut up, you're suspended too!" - Principal
by Border Brother November 07, 2005
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Reverse Racism describes the irony of a person using their race to gain special status or privileges while at the same time demanding others treat them as equals and look beyond the color of their skin.

An example of reverse racism would be a black person who condemns a company for hiring whites over blacks based solely on skin color, but at the same time demands blacks be hired over whites based solely on skin color.
by Dan P.L. May 31, 2008
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what should be the act of tolerance, but is instead associated with minorities hating majorities. Thus a white person being called "cracker" by a black person is not an example of racism, but reverse racism, because only white people can be racist, thus giving reverse racism a racist connotation.
"man, calling people reverse racists is fucked up. If you hate someone because of the color of their skin, you're a racist, no matter who the fuck you are you ignorant asshole"
by the world will never change August 05, 2004
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1. A form of intolerance in which a person categorizes another person as a racist without any evidence of that persons actual character.

2. To automatically assume that one is racist because of their race.

3. To make racist slurs or jokes when claiming to be a victim of racism.

"How is it that you can call me a snowflake but I can't call you my brotha? That's like, reverse racism!"
by Noni Ki October 22, 2006
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