Dec 30
A term for the old, outdated phone you have to use when your current phone breaks.
"It takes me ten minutes to type a text message on this brickberry now that my iPhone broke, but at least i get to play snake."
by Rtrock December 21, 2008
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Dec 29
To be forced to apologize or to admit a fault.
I caught Pierson in another lie, so he has to eat some humble pie.
by tradesman January 27, 2004
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Dec 28
n. to distill important knowledge about a subject and share it with those new to said subject.

often used in internet forums to criticize new members if they break the forum rules.
New member: hey everybody! a/s/l??
Experienced member: protip: this forum is ALL male.
by Shifty Eyed Goat October 12, 2004
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Dec 25
The use of text messaging to send Christmas greetings.
Bob: Hey Sheri, who is blowing up your phone over there?
Sheri: Everyone sending me Merry Textmas's
by Sheri Poston December 26, 2007
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Dec 24
Mrs. Clause is always worried about christmastoe during her holiday picture opportunities at the mall.
by Stu January 24, 2005
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