5 definitions by dumbwhiteguy

A phrase that dumb white guys use because they think it is cool.

Also see "biz-omb".
dumbwhiteguy1: Keep it gangsta, homie.
dumbwhiteguy2: Lolz it would be funnay if ur grandma said that lolz that would make a funnay definition lolz. Also, that dumb white guy is the biz-omb.
by dumbwhiteguy February 16, 2004
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That other guy's definition is crap. Gay means happy, so homo gay means happy to be homosexual.
Dumbwhiteguy1: That guy is so homo gay
Dumbwhiteguy2: Wow, that white guy is the biz-omb!
by dumbwhiteguy February 16, 2004
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Waiting to leave the bathroom as to avoid any contact with people in in stalls next to you.
"Dude I did some Bathroom Stalling because The gut next to me ripped a big one. I couldn't stand to look him in the eye."
by dumbwhiteguy July 7, 2015
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When a girl posts revealing pictures on social media accompanied by a child so it feels morally wrong to think about the photo sexually
"Did you see that bikini pic Lauren posted today? I cant look at it too long because she used her baby cousin has a pedo-smokescreen
by dumbwhiteguy July 11, 2017
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Everyone who uses stupid shitty slang that makes them sound like idiots.
Dumbwhiteguy1: What-what? Keep it gangsta! Step off, you got served. Homie, don't be a playa hata! Fo shizzle! Etc.
Dumbwhiteguy2: Man, that white guy is the biz-omb!
by dumbwhiteguy February 16, 2004
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