A honourary title given to the ugliest girl in school. In particular areas, there may only be one roadkill per two or even three schools.

If any possible contenders rise up through the ranks from primary school, a fight to the death should be initiated. The winner gets to be continually mocked and jeered for mother nature's cruel joke vis-a-vis their face.

When she leaves school, her real name (if it can be remembered) can be used again, and a new roadkill instated in her place, with possible capes and crowns - but, to be honest, most people CBA and just want to get down to the jeering.
'Hey roadkill, here's some money, please get a tramp to knife your face in - it's not quite plactic surgery, but it'll make things a hell of a lot better.'
by ~swan June 26, 2005
Top Definition
Bending over for someone while being fingered in the anus and being forced to shout out: "More! Please, master!"
So that's the guy who roadkilled me the first day I joined the Legion years ago.
by Nyana October 03, 2006
Squished cadaver that lies in or close to a road, most likely crushed or knocked by a passing vehicle. Is now rotting and being devoured and cannibalised by other animals.
I turned a cow into road kill once.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
When traveling for business or pleasure and you manage to bang some ho you pick up at a bar or other establishment.
I went to Boston last week and got 2 road kills under my belt.
by The Road Kill Assassin May 25, 2005
A cruel example of Darwinism in action. The animals that are either slow to move, or weak, or previously injured, or otherwise stupid enough to just stand there are weeded out by speeding motorists, and those who survive crossing the roads live to breed offspring that are more likely to get out of the way when an SUV driver on a cellphone hits the gas pedal.
Roadkill is comprised mostly of rodents, turtles, deer. The rest is composed of domestic animals bred for aesthetics.
by AYB April 10, 2003
A person you wouldn't typically have sex with but you do because she/he is there and available. (not hot but not ugly enough to pass up, better then masturbation)

Similar to how you hit an animal in the raod, not really because you wanted to but you didnt really not want to at the same time. why avoid it??
Friend: "hey check out that chick over there, she's looking at you"
You: "eh, banging body but she's got a big nose and kankles, she's Road Kill. We'll see how the rest of the night goes first"
Friend: "f*ck that dude, you know damn well if you dont hit that your going to go home alone and beating off to that free 30 second porn on the internet"
by Shaggerman September 25, 2008
what is killed in a road accident.
The restaurant was accused of serving the roadkill to its customers. The roadkill was a dead goat.
by uttam maharjan October 06, 2012
A snack or other food that is totally devoured while driving somewhere.
Even though she wasn't trying to, Erica made roadkill out of that bag of Cheetos on her way to Boston.
by Icametogetdown September 19, 2014

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