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another way to say "my friends". without making it sound kid like.
-what are you gonna do later on?

-I'm gonna hang with the guys.

by Chipo August 13, 2007
Mascot of the high-energy rock band, Disturbed. Often depicted as a demented smiling face, The Guy has recently been personified by Todd McFarlane in Disturbed's 2005 release, Ten Thousand Fists.
Dude A: "What's up with those evil-looking face t-shirts?"
Dude B: "Oh, that's The Guy."
Dude A: "The Guy?"
Dube B: "The Guy."
Dude C: "The Guy?"
Dude A: "Dude, go away, dude."
by MACHone Inc. October 06, 2005
Someone you call if you want something done.
"I think I'll just call the guy to fix that"
by Exor November 04, 2003
a man that was always found sleeping on the couch of thurgood's apartment (movie Half-Baked). nobody knew who he was or where he came from or why he was always there
-Maybe.. The Guy did it. Hey, Guy. Guy! Did you kill my dog?
-*lifts head from dead sleep and waves his hand "no"*
-...I believe him, yo. I dont know why, but I do.
by nicole December 16, 2005
Used when referring to someone/something who is essentially being the most awesome person/thing alive at any given task.
Damn, Kimbo layed that dude out, mna...he's the guy!
by JerseyJay August 09, 2008
A homeless man who is known to beg for change outside of The Mad Hatter in Covington, Kentucky.

Many jokes are made about The Guy popping up in random situations and asking for change.
It's like you turn on the TV and it shows The Guy asking for change instead of Sports Center.
by Danny October 21, 2007
Someone you bring your computer to when it's fucked in a way that you can't fix it yourself.
Oh SHIT! Now I'll have to take my computer to the guy and pay hundreds to fix it!
by AragornElessar September 08, 2008