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When a surgeon cuts you open, fiddles around with your insides a bit, sews you up again, and tells you that it'll all be painless. See hell.
I just had surgery two days ago, and it was HELL.
by Darla Washington May 05, 2004
When surgeons did this kind of procedure, they will do one or more of the following:
Remove something ( a sick body part)
cut open your body

Before the procedure, the doctor will give you anesthesia.
This patient has never undergone a surgery
by Shendy1 November 16, 2009
1. The act of mixing two different flavors of skoal into one tin.

2. To add skoal from an old tin to a newer one to create one tin.
yo Rotan you mind helping me do surgery with Apple and Cherry so we can have chaple
by Skoal Patrol 21 August 06, 2010
What americans do as a passtime. Get fake bits and piecies, things pumped, sucked, tightened and cut.
american 1: I'm playing a bit of tennis today, how about you?
american2: I'm going to have a bit of surgery, I haven't been a whole week you know!
american1: damn, this big mac is lovely.
by iguanapunk May 29, 2004
the process of turning into a vampire, similar to speed dating.
Ignore Penny's coffin, she recently went through surgery.
by Max "Kingsnake" Traunstein March 28, 2008
a females passage way to get to the g-spot. if you have a good mother she will rub your g-spot untill you break out in tears and yell: "I need surgery!" and then you will get a plane ticket to nigeria and get circumsized.
My mother gave me surgery and i cried for daddy...but he joined in.
by Bob Sagort April 23, 2008
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