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The expression used when someone is severly beaten in an argument (thus silencing them), inadvertantly embarrasses themselves, is made a fool of etc.

Similar in meaning to owned/pwned or served.
1. Haha did you see that killing Farmer just gave Hobbs?

2. Killed! *wiggles fingers*

3. You just got KILLED!
by the_robsta May 31, 2005
60 38
to kill a joke or not make a joke funny anymore
harrison killed the joke

"WOW harrison thats killed!"
by CheddarBob March 27, 2007
32 15
To perform a great show.
Dave's act killed, and he got a standing ovation.
by Oscar MacGorden February 26, 2012
8 3
Can refer to many actions ~ all in overabundance.. like eating too much too fast, telling a stupid joke repeatedly, trying to fix something and then making it worse than it was originally.
Brother:"Mom, where are the leftovers?"
Sister:"Woops, I killed that shit, like 20 minutes ago"
Brother:"What, Imma kill you fool"
by Voruhs luhzeh January 14, 2005
18 16
To put many graff on a wall or train.

see also (OVERKILL).
damn those toys killed that wall.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
9 9
A bowl of marijuana that has been completely used and will not light.
I think we killed that bowl, put in some more weed.
by Geist May 21, 2005
19 21
An expression used when one has been smoking marajuana and is in the state before tweaking, and after toasty. Commonly used when a person's want to express that they can't smoke any more than they already have. When expressed the person is usually experiencing cotton mouth from a sensation known as "the munchies", and is experiencing an extreme urge to smile making them look similar to a person of Asian decent. After this statement is uttered a person is most likely to be found either eating, zoning out, sleeping, laughing uncontollably, watching television, or saying wierd shit.
Dude I can't take another hit, I'm killed.


I was so killed last night that I ate two Chicken Cheese Steaks and fries while watching Donnie Darko.


"Alright I admit it Sarah, I'm killed! K-I-L-L-E-D!"

by Gregory Hathaway December 08, 2007
7 12