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6 definitions by JOSHUWEA

grams, usually reffering to weed
im not paying 20 for only 2 g's!
by JOSHUWEA February 24, 2005
the kid way to say dick
haha, i saw your wienie
by JOSHUWEA September 13, 2005
o grab me ' backwards.
Embargo! Embargo! Embargo! Embargo!
by JOSHUWEA January 10, 2005
the weapon bluntman and chronic (jay and silent bob) use to fight cocknocker in the last scene of jay and silent bob strike back. its a lightsaber but you can get high off of it.
i have a blunt bong saber! but its really just a bong.
by JOSHUWEA September 13, 2005
one who is crazy and kills her husband/boyfriend if he cheats on her. With an axe and or knife when he takes a bath.
boy #1: did you hear about poor Jimmy?
boy #2: yeah, thats sad.
boy #1: yeah, his girlfriend is such a Clymanestra.
boy #2: definitely.
by JOSHUWEA January 10, 2005
what you become when you stand in front of me speeding my car.
sigh, that poor racoon. got hit so damn hard it ruined my airconditioner though.
by JOSHUWEA January 10, 2005