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A way of describing an object that startles you with it's crapness
That orange tent over there is shocking!
by gwinstone August 19, 2003
54 44
Shockings n. An article of clothing such as stockings or spandex leggings that produce a feeling of shock, awe, and/or nausea.
You should have seen the shockings she was wearing. It was like she was walking around with no pants. And at a baby shower, of all places!
by pir8matt May 09, 2011
2 0
A piece of clothing or garment such as stockings or spandex pants that are worn in such a fashion as to elicit feelings of shock, awe, and/or nausea.
It looks like that woman is smuggling cottage cheese in her shockings.
by Jack'sragingbileduct May 09, 2011
1 0
weird or worrying or out of place. or stateing the obvious.
you have homework today " well shocking".
by tracey March 24, 2004
18 39