An animal that defines awesomely goodness, they prance around and they stay mad fluffy for life.Llama is a word that could be randomnly used for anything Ex: you llama you get back here
Llamas kinda sorta kick anyones ass , plus they have the ability to rule zee world one day.
Whoah hey that llama totally just spit in my face.
Bitch please that llama dont mess.
#llamaly #goodness #awesome #fluffy #spit #happyness
by ooollll October 07, 2007
Llama is a Spanish gun manufacturer. The full name is Llama Gabilando, making mostly pistols.
Llama M-82 (Spain)
Type: Double Action
Chamber: 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum
Weight unloaded: 1110 g
Length: 209 mm
Barrel length: 114 mm
Capacity: 15 rounds
#9 #lima #pistol #handgun #luger
by phdakid June 22, 2006
a hairy animal that spits at you if you bother it.
someone: look at that llama over there....oh wait thats mary......awkward
#mary #llama #mean #poop #hockey puck
by grassy ass April 26, 2009
the coolest animal in the world...i even took a llama care class at my camp once!
dude 1
"the llama almost spit on me"
dude 2
"That sounds like bad"
dude 1
"it smelled REALLY bad"
by weeeeeeeeeeeeed June 14, 2005
1. an horse like animal that spits at you if frightened.
2. a girl the kisses a lot many different people (a.k.a kissing whore).
1. I pet the llama at the petting zoo
2. -Dave: Yo i made out with Toni.
-Rem: Yo, so did i. She is such a llama.
by -Dj- May 25, 2005
a hairy mammal that tends to spit on people

it is very sexy
I've pet a very sexy llama at a farm
#llamas #sexy #goat #sassy #farm
by sexyllamalover September 12, 2009
n) a mammal formed by either creation or by evolution to keep the unrenewable resource of animal-based saliva in good supply. llamas breed by exchanging saliva and casual glances. homosexuality is rife among llamas, as is confusion, as is a drop in their population. hug a llama today, from the back is safer.
"hey billy, why don't you go hug a llama?"
"i already have a girlfriend!!"
"oh, but they need your help - they are dying out you see..."
#furry #whitish #spitting animals #homosexual animals #not-quite-as-bright-as-a-dolphin
by SquashedDuck November 10, 2007
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