A llama is not high comedy.
llama! hahahahahahahha llama llama llama llama's are so funny ahhahaa same as cheese cheese is funny and monkeys are funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha! llama!
by Morgan! June 23, 2007
a hairy animal found usually on farms. Often will spit if they feel nervous around people or other animals. Not to be confused with guns that are talked about in many rap songs
Dude that llama today spit all over my face! I'll kill!
by Jake Clam Sant May 24, 2007
1) (adj) A combination of cute, awkward, and funny (emphasis on cute). Someone who possesses this quality is usually prone to crushes.
"Clarence is so llama! He's so shy but he's such a cutie..."

"Oh goodness i knowwwwwwwwww, i could just eat him with a spoon!"
by Olivia P February 08, 2007
when some thing is really cool
"yo, that shit is mad llama!"
by Dilara November 21, 2005
The South American beast-of-burden renowned for its fine wool and hairlip. A defeated Llama yields 2000 gold pieces and 150 experience points.
Ryan used the Llama's spit as lubricant because his peruvian escort had a dry cooter.
by Ryan Guide August 20, 2007
In my school, llama is the codeword for a girl on her period.
Girl 1: Just shut the hell up!
Girl 2: I didn't even do anything.
Girl 3: She's just being a moody little llama today.
by Fizgig June 05, 2005
An acronym for 'laughing loudly at messenger antics' originated from a conversation on Windows Live Messenger.
Josh: sry about that, my internetz cut out b/c dog tripped over the cable -.-
Kyle: llama XD
by Charybdus August 24, 2009

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