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A twenty (twenty dollars worth, varies from place to place what twenty dollars is actually worth) sack of a type of drug, usually used for cocaine or marijuana
1. "You got a twinkie of green?"
2. "you got that twinkie of white?"
by Da dope dealer October 11, 2005
1. Snack cake, dry as cardboard. Light and creamy interior but rough exterior. Goes well with milk.

2. Yellow on the outside. White on the inside. Usually applies to middle class Asian-Americans.
1. M.L.Y. is a twinkie.
2. M.L.Y. is a twinkie.
by SharD October 08, 2004
a person full of shit and that is just not good for your well-being.
"Alex, stop being such a twinkie!", "Could you believe that twinkie?", "I am having such a bad day, that twinkie ruined it!
by Joe Miraglia February 11, 2009