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This is the sly way to say pussy without being crude or using proper term such vagina. It is taken because the shape of an actual llama's mouth is similar to one of a female southern lips. In addition, they both spit.

Coming from the song: "Don't Wanna Trust a Llama" REMIX by Chynaman feat. Savage

Let me pet your llama!

You know her llama has been around the block, no... the neighborhood, no... the community! lol

Ooo I wouldn't hit that cause everyone knows she has a dirty llama
by Chynaman June 20, 2009
1585 384
The animals who will rule the world one day. If you do not worship these animals they will feed you to their babies during the End of the World. But otherwise they are known to be the most awesome animals in the world.
One time I saw these llamas, and I thought they wanted to dance, but then an evil squirrel came up to me and bit my leg; so now I have rabies.
by Megan aoihagfdaf August 12, 2006
213 81
Meaning gun or weapon.
I was able to sneak my llama into the club.
by keenan88 September 01, 2005
579 574
The single greatest animal in the history of Earth.
One time a llama spit at me.
by sldkfjsldfjwogeewpnwv December 11, 2012
158 156
a firecrotch who chews their gum with unneccessary movement similar to the way a llama would chew. This person hates the world and wheres ugly yellow pants and polka dot shirt.
Aaron angerly stomped away to the counselor's office from Mr. Arrants' Alg. 1 class because she was called a llama.
by CB & SA October 22, 2008
13 35
Another way to say "lmao" as in "laughing my ass off," for when you first heard of/saw "lmao" you read its pronunciation as llamas.
Person 1; lmao
Person 2; wtf? llamas??
by kagx1136 September 25, 2010
37 63
the most dope, most fuckable animal ever
guy 1: dude, is that a llama?
guy 2: yeah, lets go fuck it
by luckyduck1004 September 16, 2013
34 88