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a hairy mammal that tends to spit on people

it is very sexy
I've pet a very sexy llama at a farm
by sexyllamalover September 12, 2009
A somewhat fuzzy animal alike to a camel ( but much fuzzier)
I saw a camel today but then the guy next to me said it was a Llama

Llama's are COOOOL
by EddieKain13 May 12, 2008
n) a mammal formed by either creation or by evolution to keep the unrenewable resource of animal-based saliva in good supply. llamas breed by exchanging saliva and casual glances. homosexuality is rife among llamas, as is confusion, as is a drop in their population. hug a llama today, from the back is safer.
"hey billy, why don't you go hug a llama?"
"i already have a girlfriend!!"
"oh, but they need your help - they are dying out you see..."
by ManInLlamaSuit November 10, 2007
the most kick ass animale in the world! i wish i had one! llamas are awesome!
kaysie really wants a llama, because then she could rule the world!
by kaysie allen June 12, 2007
Llama is a Spanish gun manufacturer. The full name is Llama Gabilando, making mostly pistols.
Llama M-82 (Spain)
Type: Double Action
Chamber: 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum
Weight unloaded: 1110 g
Length: 209 mm
Barrel length: 114 mm
Capacity: 15 rounds
by phdakid June 22, 2006
the coolest animal in the world...i even took a llama care class at my camp once!
dude 1
"the llama almost spit on me"
dude 2
"That sounds like bad"
dude 1
"it smelled REALLY bad"
by weeeeeeeeeeeeed June 14, 2005
Llama's are NOT related to camels and do not look like sheep....
and they are not pets.
Llamas found in chester zoo
by g_man12 March 01, 2009