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a fun activity that involves running around a person and softly batting at them with your arms while saying "Bother bother bother."
"let's go bother snape!" "Yes, lets!"
"Bother bother bother bother!"
by Crazy V April 29, 2007
name for a group of 8 to 30 freshman walking together on campus, i.e. a gaggle of geese; a bother of freshman.
I was late to class because of a slow ass bother of freshman!
by Jonah Donut Boner August 22, 2010
Collective noun. A bother of Christians. taken in part from the term 'God botherer'
Sorry I'm late. A bother of Christians singing Jesus wants me for a sun beam held me up outside the super market!
by chuckathemonkey April 26, 2011
the softest song from Stone Sour, its a pretty good song that doesdnt have drums in it, very good band also
You don't need to bother
by Matt June 13, 2004
1. to remove a person(s) of their torso
, bothered the state of being without a torso , bothersome having to endure activities in the state of bother
1. Call the cops Jonnys trying to bother me.

2. I cant run right now im a bit bothered.

3. I find it bothersome to swim to shore without a torso.
by Robert Schimmel August 12, 2004
what you get yourself into when in a relationship you sleep with someone else
I'm in a bit of bother with my woman
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
Mother of a person with speech impediment
"Let me ask my bother..."
by MarkWG August 12, 2007