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a female (or male) who kiss a lot of different people. (a.k.a llama)
-Dave: Yo i made out with toni today
-Rem: Yo me too. She is such a kissing whore.
by -Dj- May 25, 2005
The shape in which a female (or male) shaves or cuts their pubic hairs. also some one who shaves all their pubic hair has no shape.
-Dave: Yo kayla whats ur shape?
-Kayla: An Upsidedown triangle.
by -Dj- May 25, 2005
A phrase used to say that a girl has a very big ass.
-Dave: Yo rem look at felicia, she has a ba dunk a dunk.
-Rem: That thing Scares me.
-Dave: I like 'em big.
by -Dj- May 25, 2005
1. an horse like animal that spits at you if frightened.
2. a girl the kisses a lot many different people (a.k.a kissing whore).
1. I pet the llama at the petting zoo
2. -Dave: Yo i made out with Toni.
-Rem: Yo, so did i. She is such a llama.
by -Dj- May 25, 2005
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