when some thing is really cool
"yo, that shit is mad llama!"
by Dilara November 21, 2005
In my school, llama is the codeword for a girl on her period.
Girl 1: Just shut the hell up!
Girl 2: I didn't even do anything.
Girl 3: She's just being a moody little llama today.
by Fizgig June 05, 2005
An acronym for 'laughing loudly at messenger antics' originated from a conversation on Windows Live Messenger.
Josh: sry about that, my internetz cut out b/c dog tripped over the cable -.-
Kyle: llama XD
by Charybdus August 24, 2009
Used as a silly, annoying, but loving nickname.
hey llama, pass me the potatoes.
by screw.my.name November 04, 2008
A cool animal, which is King of Randomness along with tophats, armadillo trousers, weasles, and toothbrushes with horns. Llamas have a tendency to spit on annoying people, evil people, ugly people, and punk-rockers. They also spit on Green Day fans. Llama fur can be used for making Alpaca jackets, which are expensive but tasty.
OMG! The llama just spit on that Green Day fan! (I think he was trying to make an alpaca jacket out of him...)
by Kamiye July 14, 2006
Llamas are a very interesting type of animal who tend to be fluffy and spit at those they don't like.
That llama spit in my face when I pulled on its fluffy fur!
by Snoogans April 11, 2006
Closley related to a carlos. A mexican man who has a fetish for fat people. Enjoys buritos but also likes to suck a fat dick. Enjoys sex with animals and doesnt like to touch vag.
"Is that a carlo's"
"no its sucking a dick"

"omg what is that man doing to that carlos!"
"don't worry hes just being a llama"
by mouse sex on the beach October 03, 2008

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