1: A Pack animal, related to the Alpaca, and is fuzzy.

2: My Boyfriend.
1: Look at the load on that Llama!

2: My boyfriend is a Llama.
by killtheboywonder June 16, 2008
A person who gives oral sex or the act of giving oral sex.
My boyfriend is a llama. He gives me llamas in the backseat of his Escort.

I cheated on my boyfriend, i gave his best friend a llama. I have Llama Drama. Also known as LlamaPalooza.


Your Momma's a Llama.

by Cotton Hoe & Elah Baby April 24, 2008
Creatures that are referred to in the song "Hip Hop Is Dead", by Nas. They're meaning in the song is umknown by the author, perhaps Nas was high when he wrote the song.
Nas: Rich ass niggaz is ridin' with three llamas.
Me: What the hell is he talking about?
by Jarrod M. May 24, 2008
1. Mammal; related to camels. Rather cute animals, in this writer's opinion.

2. Over-used word used by quote unquote "sugar high" girls writing fanfiction used because it's "random" and "funny", when in fact it is merely over-used, jejune, and repetitive.
1. We rode on llamas today.

by Spiky Kitsune October 17, 2006
If you are from Mattituck High School.. and were in 9th grade Mr.Henke's 8th pd. lab class and also all over the school you know this refers to a twinkie *cough* :]
Oh my god. His llama is going to hit me in the face!
by mhscookie April 03, 2009
The Peruvian equivalent of a car
There are lots of llamas in lima
by Damngypsiesstolemahladles June 11, 2015
A person whose eyes are further apart from each other than the normal person's eyes. This causes the person to look like a llama. Llamas can be spotted from a mile away.
Joe: Damn, did u see dat grl over der her body hot as fire.
Leo: Bro, look at her face, she is a straight up llama.

Brittany: Omg, I was facebook stalking my best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother the other day and he is the biggest llama I have ever seen.

Lizzy: Omg yeah, like totes llama of the century.
by marce3lthesh3ll April 27, 2015

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