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1. Something that is better than a Llama
2. Something that is better than you
by Alpaca Lenny April 09, 2003
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the worlds greatest animal. this is so because jesus chose an alpaca to ride to the area we now know as the united states. the alpaca was his "godly animal" of choice because the alpaca could walk across water, fly if it really loved you, and could reach speeds up to the speed of sound on foot. be sure to get down and chant the following phrase if you see an alpaca: "shama ghala eh oh calla, shama ghala eh oh calla." the phrase means "pray to the almighty animal of god!"
jesus rode the almighty alpaca
by JOJIO751 November 06, 2007
The most mischievous animal on the face of the earth. Alpacas are behind aaaalll things devious. Your lost ipod, the gum in your hair, everything. FEAR THE ALPACAS!!
The alpacas stole my lunch money
by A_jar_squid January 25, 2010
the greatest animal that will dominate the world after we destroy ourselves .the alpacas will create underground chambers to survive in while we destroy humans and all minor species. while in these chambers.they will discover cold fusion and and engineer new species to live on the earth
the narwhal will asist the alpaca in their universal conquest starting with the earth
by jeby144 April 28, 2009
a relitive to the Llama that has a tendency to be very pickey about the silkeyness of it's coat, likes expensive shampoo and african cheese.
I saw an Alpaca being sherred for it's silky coat, then washed with expensive shampoo, after,they fed it African cheese as an award for its good behavior.
by Claire April 25, 2005
An animal, usually mistaken with llamas, that seems very beautiful and will try to hypnotize you until they eat your brain
That girl was killed by an Alpaca yesterday, i told her to stay away from that devil
by euzinha November 24, 2013
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