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To pee, whilst standing upon an elevated surface.
I just Llama'd all over my desk, fuck!
by Llamacalypse July 14, 2010
39 146
Incredibly clever creatures who masquerade as unintelligent mammals, while secretly preparing for world domination.
Be afraid, one day llamas will rule the world.
by JuPitEer March 02, 2009
210 321
Llama is currently used as a synonym for ANY weapon, but especially guns. reason is simple - A llama is an animal famous for spitting at people who get in their face (Like a gun "spitting" hollow tips when it fires). A pack of llamas can totally "wet" you (Popular slang for getting oneself "clapped at" = shot to death) if you come annoying to them, you will get sprayed, as they find most everyone annoying. Only gangstas use llamas, popo's, fed's, white people's, and any weapon that ain't gangsta is not referred to as a llama.
"We're born for trauma - Me and my llama" - 50 Cent.

"Nigger respect me like your fatha when come the drama,
I'll put the llama to your mama and beat her like a pinata" - Tony Yayo.
by srpntnova March 01, 2010
74 192
Unofficial mascot of the Internet.
Everyone on the Internet loves llamas.
by Dok June 08, 2005
45 173
a hairy mammal that tends to spit on people

it is very sexy
I've pet a very sexy llama at a farm
by sexyllamalover September 12, 2009
7 145
a hairy animal that spits at you if you bother it.
someone: look at that llama over there....oh wait thats mary......awkward
by grassy ass April 26, 2009
4 142
1. an horse like animal that spits at you if frightened.
2. a girl the kisses a lot many different people (a.k.a kissing whore).
1. I pet the llama at the petting zoo
2. -Dave: Yo i made out with Toni.
-Rem: Yo, so did i. She is such a llama.
by -Dj- May 25, 2005
5 143