A No Name University, with absolutely nothing of note to offer to any prospective student except the gaurantee of therapy and wasting 100K+ of their parent's money. The student body is indeed unique, in that they find mocking their lack of a football team humorous and using "Mount" as a verb for any and all sexual jokes as educated wit. It is, however, the number one school in western Maryland for producing grandiose plans of development and never acting upon them. Although there are no fraternities on campus, the conduct of several student-run organizations, specifically the men's rugby team, will make you believe otherwise. Any prospective student which has recieved propoganda from MSM must take note of the invisible writing on the back cover panel, for none of the scenic views portrayed within the pamphlet are actaully anywhere near the campus itself. Most students can not agree upon which is the more ironic facet of the mockery of higher education that is Mount Saint Mary's: 1. That it claims to be a well known institute of progressive education while existing in the middle of no where (the closest outpost of civilization being a one stoplight town which will eventually be consumed by Gettysburg) or 2. That it claims to be a tranquil campus in a small town setting while route 15 literally divides the campus in half. In short, The definition of Mount Saint Mary's University is waste of life, money, effort and potential.
HS Student 1: "Bro, I'm thinking of applying to Mount Saint Mary's College/University "
HS Student 2: "Dont"
by downhill March 16, 2008
The dorm life at Mount....

You got Sheridan aka Freshman Dorm. The girls are all labeled as sluts and the guys are alcholics. You know theres a party every night because of the music heard miles away.

The Terrance is where the upper-classmen live and fun 5 am fire drills occur. The place is like a maze and haunted as shit. Only the people who live there know how to get around.

The apartments is where the juniors/seniors prowl for freshman girls. Every freshman girl spends atlest one night of her life there. Its where the main party scene is

Lastly would be Pangborn. Its where mostly the god-squad lives except 3rd pang. These girls wish they got into Sheridan and are more slutty but keep their clean rep b/c they live in a wellness dorm. They think they are better because they live there but really no one likes them or Pang...
*3rd pang sluts
*terrance squad
*sheridan sluts
*apt bitches
by Ashley April 10, 2005
The best competition between the female race. We got your bitches from New York, the sweethearts from Maryland, and the typical jersey girls. The double standard is at an all time high around the Mount. The quiet preppy girls who pop their collars during the week turn into dirty whores on the weekend. The girls try to keep it quiet but the guys have locker room talks. Now dont get me wrong the males arent getting off easy... oh wait they do. Most Long Island guys are the biggest assholes you'll ever meet. Basically you hate New York in general after meeting them. Jersey boys are either gangsta or gay and PA boys are immature. Maryland guys are divided into two. Ones from b-more are preppy sons of bitches but if their anywhere west they are the nice guys.
*New Yourkers
by Mike April 10, 2005
If you do not want to succeed in life, then the Mount is your place! Instead of studying and working your way up to a nice job out of college, you will instead experience sex, drugs, alcohol, and lots of it...in fact, pretty much every night! Most of the people here, are rich idiots, too stupid to get into a better college! Their are a few however, poor souls who were tricked into thinking the Mount is a great instituion, but even most of them fall into the trap of living the rest of their life, paying off their expensive Mount tuition on a $25,000/yr salary! Sure these four years may be the "best" experience of your life, but have fun living the next 50 years on welfare! Its sad really, the classes are not hard by any means, yet most people have a 2.0 gpa. But don't make something of yourself! Come to the Mount and help yourself become a useless member of society!!!
College = Place of Higher Learning
Mount = Place of becoming retarded
by Piss on Mount April 30, 2005
Mount St. Mary's where everybody gets laid... where guys think their cool as shit, especially if they play a sport (apparently every girl should want to jump their bones) HELL NO... where the skank freshman girls dont know their place yet so they talk shit on the upper classman, this will eventually lead to them getting their asses kicked... where white guys from rich families act like they were just involved in a drive by... if you dont smoke pot our converstation is done... if you dont drink go home your mama wants you... where public safety busts you for walking around at 10:00 coming from the library... i swear there really are books in this bookbag... everyone knows where the parties are... the apartments, the townhouses or tjs... if your place of living was not mentioned (GET THE FUCK OVER IT)... where you either live in sheridan (light weight skanks), the terrace (two groups: wankers or kick ass people), the apartments (they want to get laid) or pang ("the god squad")... where everyone knows your name and your buisness, if you think your telling a few close friends you better hope your friends with the entire campus... never make a sex video you will regret it... anal is required
mount u or mount me: we can do both
Greatest Rugby team in the world all other teams with exception of lax smoke pole. Place were nerds band together in the name of god, led by nerdy steve urkle aka Father Ray.
This is the school home to mini thugs who act ghetto and the real thugs even hate them
by BLow me April 24, 2005
The Mount - a place where whiny ass bitches like to complain about the fun they arent having. Stop wasting your time dissing this school; if you don't like a party school, then why the fuck did you come here? Leave, we dont want you here. Don't get me wrong, I love to smoke pot, but is that all you do all day? So what if we're alcoholics? At least we're enjoying ourselves... You talk about "insistant whining and bitching" when that is exactly what you did with your pathetic definition of this kickass school.
Plus, half the shit you're bitching about is in every school I've ever visited. And, by the way, we played water pong outside not to piss Jesse Dorman off but because it was nice outside and we would rather enjoy ourselves than bitch and whine. Anyway, we don't need to play outside to get the fuckhead's attention, he's on our ass 24/7. The incident with TP in no way represents us so shut the fuck up with the rape bullshit.

by the way, you suck.

get some friends, a couple beers, and stop bitching
fuck you asshole
this school kicks ass

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