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more than an assload but still less than a fuckton.
I have a shitload of beer, but down at my friend's place, they have a whole fuckton.
by lightbulb March 14, 2004
Many, as in, more than a few in quantity.
Here's how you count in the ghetto:

One, two, three, and a shit load.
by word up March 19, 2003
meaning quite a few, a bunch, a lot, very many, more than you care to be able to count, more than you can count; a widely used exaggeration of there being far too many of something ~ not to be confused with a boatload or a whole fucking bunch
Holy shit man, that's a shitload of midgets in that parade.
by btezra October 23, 2002
10% more than you can carry at one time.
I can't carry this shit load of boards back to the truck.
by Chris Brennan March 14, 2008
A term which defines a numerical value of 47. It is prime. Do not confuse the term with similar terms such as fuckton, assload, or baker's dozen. This is a shitload.
Dumbass: Dude! I just spilled a shitload of milk.

Smartass: Impossible. Milk cannot be split into any value other than milk. Your argument is invalid.
by Anchovies123 January 15, 2012
More than six and less than 29, of any object.
I see a shit load of deer by the woods!

You've got a shit load of marbles in your hand.
by Happyhigh July 31, 2008
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