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the impulsive and usually irrational verbal spewings of an angry drunk individual.
"After drinking a fifth of tequila, Mike began a belligerant about why my girlfriend is ruining our friendship."
by 6semitones February 17, 2008
12 10
any substance that causes a state of belligerence in an individual
My favorite belligerant is vodka.
by strages August 31, 2007
13 14
When people (usually a group of 5 known girls) get so drunk that when they wake up they: they think.."where the fuck are my clothes, who the fuck is he, and what the fuck did we do last night!" yee
Alex:Oh gawd, what did we do last night?
Jenn:I feel like shit.
Rachael: Last night was good.
Kaity:haha fo sho.
Megan:I have church.
Alex: Damn we were so fucking belligerant.
by Raylex October 20, 2007
13 22