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A No Name University, with absolutely nothing of note to offer to any prospective student except the gaurantee of therapy and wasting 100K+ of their parent's money. The student body is indeed unique, in that they find mocking their lack of a football team humorous and using "Mount" as a verb for any and all sexual jokes as educated wit. It is, however, the number one school in western Maryland for producing grandiose plans of development and never acting upon them. Although there are no fraternities on campus, the conduct of several student-run organizations, specifically the men's rugby team, will make you believe otherwise. Any prospective student which has recieved propoganda from MSM must take note of the invisible writing on the back cover panel, for none of the scenic views portrayed within the pamphlet are actaully anywhere near the campus itself. Most students can not agree upon which is the more ironic facet of the mockery of higher education that is Mount Saint Mary's: 1. That it claims to be a well known institute of progressive education while existing in the middle of no where (the closest outpost of civilization being a one stoplight town which will eventually be consumed by Gettysburg) or 2. That it claims to be a tranquil campus in a small town setting while route 15 literally divides the campus in half. In short, The definition of Mount Saint Mary's University is waste of life, money, effort and potential.
HS Student 1: "Bro, I'm thinking of applying to Mount Saint Mary's College/University "
HS Student 2: "Dont"
by downhill March 16, 2008

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