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a class that mormon teenagers are obligated to take all four years of high school. Having fun is a rare occassion since the class takes place before school even starts. Sometimes you'll get lucky & get a cool teacher. Other years, you'll be border-line suicidal due to that teacher's pyschotic behavior.
Zack: "I hate seminary unless the teacher brought donuts."
Ciara: "Word."
by xavierisnotmyname August 24, 2010
Seminary is a fun class for both youth LDS members and non-members ages 14-18, who want to learn more about the gospel. The members are encouraged to do Seminary and this class is normally before school. Sometimes the teacher can be really fun, and they may even get off topic a lot. (Like mine for example.) However, Seminary can be a wonderful experience where you can become closer to God and feel the Spirit.
"Are you coming to Seminary tomorrow?"
"Yeah totally I wouldn't miss it, especially with our teacher!"
"Cool see you then!"
by Kelly Christine November 29, 2014
the absolute WORST place imaginable. basically, dads drag their families halfway across the country to this place, so that they can "honor their father and mother" and "support their fathers." this place causes all normal teenagers of the fathers to become hostile and angry..... cjildren may become suicidal and crazed to the point where they say "eff this shiz!" in conclusion, who CARES what it is.... just DONT EVER agree to go there if your dad gets the "great" idea to pick up your lives.
"hey whats the matter with you??" "oh, nothing new. my dad decided to move us to the seminary and i am fearing for my life. i dont want to die, but i know the feeling is inevitable. what a terribleselfish father i have!!"
by tiredofthis!!! November 19, 2009
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