It is a slang term for "disrespect". Just like the word fuck, it can be used in a variety of ways.
1. Dude, why are you panging me?
2. That was so pang.

3. Dave is such a panger.
by Str8Pang May 31, 2013
painful tendencies, can be applied to absolutely any situation. (i.e Hunger pangs, head pangs)
Oh man i fell on my wrist yesterday, the wrist pangs are finally getting to me
by Tomenator January 22, 2009
Pubic hair bangs. Grooming your pubic area in shapes and all.
"In the winter my girlfriend goes from brazillain to pangs." "I got my pangs cut." "My hair was getting kinda curly so I got pangs instead", "My muff is out of control, I need to cut my pangs"
by Trademark, ME. Coined November 07, 2013

pang pangs



Hi Marissa, it's Frank Recard calling I'll be in the neighborhood later on, and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to get some pang pangs.

All i want is pang pang pang, in my mouth, pang pang pang.

Whose got the pang pangs ?

If in doubt, pang it out.
by blackiemate January 28, 2014
The sound a shovel makes when it hits you in the face.
That chick is a real pang.
That chicks got a hot body but she's gotta pang face!
by medicpaul May 02, 2005
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