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The most amazing girl in the world that is always there for you when you need her. She's perfect in every way and you'll always love her.
Damn, that Sheridan is fine!
by yomamashot March 30, 2009
The most stunning girl on the planet. Anyone would be damn lucky to have her as a friend. Looks like Megan Fox. All the guys are all over her, especially senior boys. Attracts older men. Best kisser. Hottest body. Anyone would be blessed if they could get with a sheridan or be her friend.
Sid: dammmnnn ! that girls fine

Angel: thats cause shes a sheridan
by Hips Dont Lie October 22, 2010
Being the absolute best, and never fucking up.
You' living like a true American son, just like the legend Sheridan.
by 9013D July 03, 2011
usually really loud and outgoing, sometimes a little to honest for people to handle, mostly a girl, she usually plays guys and then breaks there hearts, she hates being played, and cheaters are her worst enemy, she will call a boy out for playing her any day, she has a crush but will never get with that person, she makes all girls jealous and pissed off, her best friend is most likely a boy because girls can not handle her, she talks to at least 20 boys a day
mark: dude im with sheridan

james: wtf dude shes hot i want her

emily: shes a bitch and steals boyfriends!
by this bitch<3 August 07, 2011
Male or female given name that means,

1. Irish term for wild, uninhibited, free.

2. From an Irish surname which was derived from O Sirideain meaning "decendant of siridean". The name Siridean means "searcher" in Gaelic.

Her last name was Sheridan.

He's finally sheridan.
by Lanessa Dawn October 22, 2006
An amazing girl in Omaha, NE who isn't necessarily hot but definitely pretty, smart as hell, and always nice. Weird sometimes, but in the best possible way.
Jimmy:I hate Sheridan

Patrick: Fuck you jimmy, she's awesome.
by Paddy 420 May 09, 2012
A great person and loves hugs
Jimmy: Hey! I had a sheridan moment with that chick!
Linda: Ohhh jealous much...
by Alexxx? March 03, 2009
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