high school
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
Head-shot, a term used when a player is shot in the head in an online, first-person, shooting video or computer game, such as Counter-Strike. Headshots are considered valued shots, and often stirs up an uproar or simply and small remark. Head-shots are almost always one-hit-kills in any game, and usually results in a larger-than-normal blood splatter.
"Haha 100 HP."
"Yeah cause it was a HS!"
by Darryl Koh January 01, 2005
(n.) an event where a pointed peice of lead or bullet fired from a firearm at a trajectory in which it penatrates and possibly goes though a person or things head or face.
I totally fucken HS's Seth for calling me Carla.

Man...you hs'd my face with that d'gle
by lord of all April 21, 2004
1. Head-shot
Pertaining to the widely played game Counter-strike.
Dude! That was a leet HS!
by 1337pwner October 01, 2003
(n) Acronym for "hardsports" or sexual contact involving faeces.

See also WS: watersports
The escort said she covered all services including HS!
by Sexual deviant December 07, 2006
"horny slut" -someone who is very horny and does things that show it .. slutty things
guy #1- "dude, that brooke chick just started sexting me.. she sent me a pic with it too..."

guy #2- "bro, its cause she's an HS.."
by wlkjlrkjg May 29, 2011
HS short for Headshot,

When a shot fiered in a computer game hits the head, resulting in instant death in many games.
"Hehe i got you with a HS"
by dipso January 07, 2004

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