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high school
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
Head-shot, a term used when a player is shot in the head in an online, first-person, shooting video or computer game, such as Counter-Strike. Headshots are considered valued shots, and often stirs up an uproar or simply and small remark. Head-shots are almost always one-hit-kills in any game, and usually results in a larger-than-normal blood splatter.
"Haha 100 HP."
"Yeah cause it was a HS!"
by Darryl Koh January 01, 2005
(n.) an event where a pointed peice of lead or bullet fired from a firearm at a trajectory in which it penatrates and possibly goes though a person or things head or face.
I totally fucken HS's Seth for calling me Carla.

Man...you hs'd my face with that d'gle
by lord of all April 21, 2004
1. Head-shot
Pertaining to the widely played game Counter-strike.
Dude! That was a leet HS!
by 1337pwner October 01, 2003
HS short for Headshot,

When a shot fiered in a computer game hits the head, resulting in instant death in many games.
"Hehe i got you with a HS"
by dipso January 07, 2004
"horny slut" -someone who is very horny and does things that show it .. slutty things
guy #1- "dude, that brooke chick just started sexting me.. she sent me a pic with it too..."

guy #2- "bro, its cause she's an HS.."
by wlkjlrkjg May 29, 2011
Horse Shit

1)Same meanings like bullshit, only worse.
2)Students generally use it in school.
1) "Your my BFFF."
2) "You have a 10 page essay, due at the end of class."
"That's a bunch of HS."
by wbfalcons April 15, 2009