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expression used by the great Steve-O when something good has happened or has been acheived.
"yeeeeeeeeaaaah duuuuude!!"
by steph September 12, 2003
A girl that can get guys easily. It can be looks, sexual attrations, or anything in that field. It doesn't have to be ALL about sex. But she can get any guy she wants.
Damn steph, I might have a couple of guys with me, but daaaamn, you got 7 to choose for! Go pimpette! Show 'em what you workin' with!
by Steph June 25, 2004
A shorter version of "what the fuck"
Can be used in any situation.
"I pierce your nipples, k?"
by Steph September 30, 2004
an irish saying for ummm
ermmmm....i think so
by steph December 16, 2004
for those who dont like to blaspheme
basically means oh my god, but cleaner!!
said in exclamation, like janice in friends
OH MY GOAT!!!! look what a great definition i rote
by Steph May 31, 2004
A sex song is a song that you can listen to whilst having sex. Normally, it would have good rhythm that you could move your hips too, and it could possibly have sexual lyrics. The lyrics do not necessarily have to be appropriate for the "occasion", just as long as it sounds sexy.
1. Glory Box by Portishead is the best sex song ever.
2. No Ordinary Love by Deftones is a totally awesome song to have sex to.
by Steph January 21, 2005
tired or warn out
after sports or a long tiring day.
by steph May 07, 2003

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