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To blow chunks. Comes out of your mouth, or rather your stomach.
"Oh my god! He's just blown chunks" or "uh-oh, chunks are coming" or "I'm going to chunk..."
by Steph December 04, 2003
a made up story
that is a cock an bull story!
by steph December 28, 2003
Phillips Exeter Academy, in Exeter, NH. Only the best boarding school. Better than Andover at everything including life.
The cool kids go to Exeter.
The dumbasses go to Andover.

I cheer for big red
by Steph March 08, 2005
Cute shinigami from the anime/manga Full Moon wo Sagashite.
Takuto looks so cute in that hat!
by Steph January 10, 2004
An Exclamation said to warn someone that someone or something is coming towords them.
(after seeing a teacher come down the hallway when your class has locked the teacher in the closet and is totaly trashing the classroom) JAJACKAMO!
by Steph December 31, 2003
A.K.A : B'ville

No where town somewhere outside of Syracuse, NY. Has a "downtown" and its best feature is an "island" with an amplitheater. No social life can sustain life here. If you ever find yourself in Baldwinsville, run away.
I'm from Baldwinsville.
by Steph January 28, 2004
being as terrific as tigger....great, awesome, fantabulous....
you're tiggerific!
by steph November 17, 2003

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