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a stupid plastic whore who broke up w/ ken and is now w/ blaine.. a hot australian surfer
Barbie promotes girls to grow up and be whores! She can't even stay with one boyfriend!
by steph March 24, 2005
frozen nipple
when your get wet or cold and your nipple goes hard
by steph May 07, 2003
A joint.... a fat one!
"give me a toke on that bifter"
by Steph December 04, 2003
One of the many signs of the apocolypse; Satan's sick and twisted idea of "fun" for people to chat on the internet. Rips you off of your money, doesn't refund if you're hacked and is full of British retards who call each other "fit" and say "lolz". A cult.
Cuntwad - Dude, wanna go on HABBOZZZZ?!?!?
Mike - HELL NAWWWW. Habbo sucks to the max!
by Steph March 24, 2005
The cheerful main character of the popular manga and anime, Card Captor Sakura by CLAMP.
Sakura Kinomoto is such a cute character!
by Steph January 10, 2004
An exclamation used as a warning immediately following a fart, made by the farter
"Safety! I would keep walking forward, quickly, if I were you."
by Steph November 04, 2003
The butterfly in swimming is a great technique. Your body goes in a dolphin type of movement, almost like a rythem, and your hands goes with the rythem of your body. I love the stroke. Not everyone can do it though.
At Counties, I did 100 Butterfly.
by Steph February 05, 2005

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