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A.K.A : B'ville

No where town somewhere outside of Syracuse, NY. Has a "downtown" and its best feature is an "island" with an amplitheater. No social life can sustain life here. If you ever find yourself in Baldwinsville, run away.
I'm from Baldwinsville.
by Steph January 28, 2004
a sign of exasperation or frustration
Teacher: You have a four page paper due tomorrow

Student: MERPH!
by Steph April 19, 2005
The best high school you'll ever go to.
I'm gonna sneak out to Grill after I hook up with the PG at EP and hope the fac-brats dont see us and that the townies aren't still out.

Dude that girl is a total swampdoggy puckslut.
by Steph March 08, 2005
my parents didnt like how the word 'wog' was being thrown around like it wasnt an offensive term anymore, so i came up with olive. anyone whose background, or nationality is greek, italian, lebanese, maso, croatian, etc...
"what natio is he?"
"i dunno exactly, but he's an olive"
by steph August 04, 2004
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