slang term for vomit
"Phil refunded his entire lunch in his lap"
by Lafferty Daniel December 11, 2007
After or during a heavy night of drinking a distinct and vital need to vomit.
After that last shot he needed a refund.
by Foxes United January 07, 2011
money sent to you when your financial aid and scholarships exceed tuition. also known as the best thing that can ever happen to a college student!
I cant wait to get my refund, Im broke as hell.
by hardhitr3 September 11, 2009
A word said, usually in a loud and inappropriate way, to or about a female who is particularly unattractive, and hence would be refunded if she were given as a present.
Man: Look at her! F*cking, REFUND!
by Spoofnet December 23, 2007
When a man orgasms on a womans face and then she wipes it on her hand and then wipes it on the man/mens face, also known as the whalmsley.
That i jizzed on the bitchs face and she gave me a refund
by Rob francis January 08, 2008

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