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A substance commonly used for Anaesthesia of animals and small children. Popularized by John Lilly as a psychoactive substance somewhat related to Phencycledine (PCP) in effect. In Timothy Leary's 8-circuit-model of consciousness this drug is associated with the 8th and highest circuit. Effects of a solid dose (particularly injected) include intense OOBE's (out of body experiences), Lilliputian hallucinations (feeling "as big as the universe" or "as small as an electron", often simultaneously) and other such psychedelic effects.
Jesus Christ, I think I took too much ketamine, I'm so deep in the hole I can hardly talk!
by Charos June 26, 2005
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Firstly ketamine is not a horse tranquiliser, it is a SEDATIVE that has been used in large animals in the past, but is mainly used in hospitals on human patients with no past medical history.
Ketamine origanally comes in liquid form, when used recreatinaly and medically this can be injected.
Although when usong recreationally it is most commonly snorted.
Firstly you have to cook the k up, this can be done in a few ways, dried naturally, on the cooker, in the oven, in the microwave.
Whichever way its done the liquid needs to evaparate, leaving a crystal like substance.
When the k had cooled down this substance is then ground down into a powder.
This powder is then racked up into lines and snorted.
When you snort a line of k you have what we call a grace period, It is the time before the k takes over your body, the time that you know its coming and its gonna fuck u up, a bit like waiting to come up on a pill but more intense.
This length of this grace period depends, it can be anywhere between 10 seconds and 10 minutes. It depends on the perason taking it, their tolerance to k, the size of the line they snorted, the quality of the k.
Once the grace period is over and the k kicks in the forst felling you get is that something had been missing but now your whole again its like the k has come home, where it should be, and then you enter the k worlds.
You can pretty much keep a level of control on k unless you slip inot a hole.
A k hole is the most intense trip, you travel to different worlds, different planes, you dont just experience this universe, you experience 20 others. However you dont do it as a human because you dont realise your human, probably because you dont think to question it, any type of reality goes out the window.
A k hole is an amazing place and the prescence of k is something that nobody should be denied.
"this ketamine is gonna mess you up"
by *B* December 27, 2006
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a drug that when purchased illegally usually comes as white powder or crystals and is snorted. users feel disconnected from their surroundings, happy, laughable and floaty. take too much and the user begins to trip copious amounts of balls and slip into a k-hole.

ket first appeared in raves and squat parties and is now starting to rival ecstacy in popularity in the mainstream club scene; probably due to its cheap price and lack of a comedown.
"ketamine - just say neigh"

"only fools and horses take ketamine"

"ketamine tastes so good, the horses want it back"
by goosepimple100 June 22, 2009
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The Boom Ting white powder, wonderful to snort, drink, rectally insert or inject. Gets you fucked, makes you feel like God.
by Brendan December 12, 2003
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Ketamine is a dissociative drug that is usually snorted or injected. Popular at raves and clubs, "k" or "kitty" is commonly used to induce a sense of euphoria. Ketamine is a fine white power that is taken in small amounts. The most common dosage is 3-4 bumps, which brings a "loose and flowy" feeling to the users limbs, and extreme euphoria. You can easily recognize people on ketamine because the way they walk is similar to someone that is extremely drunk. The peak lasts for 30-40 mins, and the comedown is another 60 mins. Some say that ketamine feels similar to MDMA, others claim that it can be as harsh as PCP. If the user takes too much, they can easily get stuck in a "k-hole", which can send you into another level of being. Ketamine has a bad reputation because it has been used as a horse tranquilizer in the past, although ketamines effects aren't as harsh as most say.
"Sorry I'm walking so funny, the ketamine hit me a little too hard."
"I snorted 3 lines of kitty and now I'm stuck in a k-hole."
by loo7 July 23, 2014
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ketamine - not just for horses!!
"ketamine - not just for horses!! - people can take it"
by ivor bigun January 20, 2008
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A dissociative drug which, once taken, makes a lot of people spout all sorts of pretentious pseudo-intelligent bullshit about the universe and how there's something more, or some such other massive shite.

This constant need for unnecessary musings on things not real undermines the fact that there is actually a beautiful world around us which people have forgotten to appreciate.
Guy on Ketamine: Hey man, have you ever thought there might be something...more...than this?

Other guy on Ket: Yeah man, parallels and shit--

Sober human being: Shut the fuck up
by Dubshadow October 28, 2009
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